Life In Manila

A post from my Hubby

Well, here goes. Hi everyone. The bobster man here living life in the heart of the Philippines with my wonderful wife to tell you what it’s really like. 

Firstly the people here are lovely, the real people, the ones who don’t have very much, which is most of them. I have travelled extensively around the world and never met people as happy and as friendly. 

There are many who live in shanty homes, made of tin, blocks and bits of wood. The houses look rough outside but the homes are warm and welcoming. The people are so amazing they will share there last with you. I have spent much time among the Philippine people and made many genuine friends.

The environmental footprint of a typical home here is tiny compared with say an average home in the USA and the people do not waste anything. Everything is recycled, reused or re – made into something else, they are very enterprising in so many ways.

I’m not saying it is without problems here, there are many as in any country, they have there share, but it’s not all bad either.

The city of Manila is very crowded, and I mean crowded like you would not believe, traffic is unbelievable but once out of the city you get into the countryside or province as they call it, It is beautiful. Still most people live in little village’s with lightly made homes based around group of paddy fields but the feeling of happiness is always there in the homes. There are thousands of islands here, many rich in life and difference, many languages and cultural styles. It’s a fascinating culture, with so many mixed historical events which have influenced the lifestyle and culture here. 

It’s hard to describe everything In   a blog and get a real feel for it. They enjoy each other’s company without falsness, one-upmanship and the like or who has the best car, it’s about fun, companionship and enjoying life to the full when ever you can.  The emphasis is on family and friend groups, socializing, celebrating any event, chatting and having a laugh.

Kids are happy too, with just what they need they play and laugh and enjoy a simple happy life with friends. 

Hope you enjoyed this little insight. There is so much more. The culture of the Philippines is so different in so many ways to Europe and the USA. I could write many many blogs about it. ☺️

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