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The Technology Stuff

Well I have been at this for a few days now, designing my site, which is limited as WordPress want more and more money (of course) to add functions and nice things. So I am trying very hard on my limited budget and getting my head around it. The more I read the more I find there is to know about how the internet works, what are all the tips and tricks to get more likes, clicks, etc. Its a bit of a mine field. Either I learn it all or pay someone. I think the tech Internet people make it all very complex on purpose so you hire the so called experts. Well no, I’m a determined woman. I will figure it all out. Haha. Any advice is gratefully received, any problems on my site I would be thankful to know.

Been trying to do all the little extras which I discover are important to get more hits on my channel, and now just improving the quality and organization of my website. Hopefully it will all come together at some point, haha joke! Love love, KC ❣️

I have found this guy Neil Patel one of the most helpful onhow to get your page seen more. Hope it helps you.

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