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How to be Be Uniquely Fashionable

I am Woman

I am strong, I have my own style and I’m smart enough to know what I am not as well. To really know about fashion is to really know yourself. Its important to be authentic, have a strong sense of self-belief, I don’t care about labels or “ what’s trending”, as they say on the popular social media today. What I care about is feeling good inside and being able to express myself as a woman. I make a point to look for that in other women too, it is easy to spot them, they are often in the media, but also those women are all around me too in Manila. There are some women who just seem to know, without copying or going with the latest fashion crazes. Those who are able to put things together and create an outfit and then accessorise it perfectly. There are ways and means to do this.

“Having balls” is another way to express it, women who can look at colours, types of garments, accessories and the right jewellery and bring it all together to create something fantastic and look amazing.


I am not talking about spending lots of money either. I personally often go to the Ukay-Ukay store. Which, for those of you reading in America and Europe is where all your church collections and charity shop clothes, shoes, bags and accessories end up. The Ukay-Ukay is the second-hand clothes stores of much of the world.

To be fashionable and trendy a woman needs to know her own character, personality and style. She should not be afraid to express herself, hold her head high and take delight in who she is and her femininity.

Some of the best dressed stylish women, do not go out and spend huge amounts on labelled clothes from the high street fashion stores. Confident women have a strong sense of self-belief, know themselves and love to be creative, inventive and shop in the Ukay-Ukay store if and when they want to. It’s really not about spending large amounts of money, it’s simply about believing in their own inner person and how they want to express themselves.

The high street fashion shops are trying to sell you self-belief by saying look how expensive this is, you can trust it, it must be good for you. But away from the lights, the music that created atmosphere, its just another pair of jeans or blouse, etc. The way to really look good is to create your look yourself, find what expresses you and your character and wear it with self-belief.

This does not just apply to clothes and accessories, it is art in all its forms, my home for example, I like to transform a room in my house into something that expresses the love and warmth of our family. By being creative with soft furnishings, materials and design. Again, I am not spending a ton of money, I am simply being creative with what i have got. On occasion, I will just see some material in a market stall, it will allow me to think creatively and develop a fresh new look and transform a room in my home.

I know not everyone is amazing at decor and dress, however, everyone can appreciate it when they see it in other people. But you can get ideas and create your own versions, bright up your home, feel good in an outfit you put together that expresses your personality and style.

I know many people here in Manila, who have very little if any spare income. They have no choice but to be creative and reuse, remake things into something else useful. Being forced to be creative and gosh they certainly do it, in a myriad of ways. I have seen some amazing outfits put together. What really comes through is there personality and strength.

So my message to you is be strong, be woman!


Love, love,

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