How to Know if a Guy is into You

Firstly, I assume you are unable to ask him if he wants a date? The easiest and most sure way to really know is to simply ask him. It depends on your cultureof course, most people in many cultures and especially if you are young will not do this. But before I go on, think about if you can ask him, Even in a round about way, for example, “hey I know your into (sports, food cinema, or something) I’m going to the xxx on Saturday, want to come along? If he is into you then he will come along and its because he likes you.

So with that out of the way and assuming that method is not for you here are the other main ways to know if he is into you or not.

1 One thing guys do is something similar to women. Its called Preening, tidying himself up, fixing his hair, making sure he is presentable. Does he tend to do this when you are about or walk into the room, it’s a sign he cares how he looks when you are about.

2 Mirroring. This is a natural thing for people to do if they want to be liked by someone they are with. It is also something people do consciously if they know about such things. What does it mean? It is when someone sort-of copies you, your stance, your seating position or even walking. A guy who likes you will match his walking pace to yours, Even match your style of walking, without knowing he is doing it. Watch out for that, it is a sign he likes you. He may also try to “big” himself when you are around. E.G. He may push his chest out, stand a little taller /straighter. If sitting he will sit with legs further apart, just his way of trying to be manly. But something you can look out for.

3 Other body language on show is a head tilt. It has been noted that when a guy is into a girl he will tilt his head to one side, as if to say I am listening carefully to you because you matter to me.

4 He will talk about himself a lot, and again, big himself up. Try to impress you with the things he has done, any achievements, things he likes and is good at, etc.

5 If he really does like you he will take note of things you have said. So for example, if you said you didnt like a partcular food dish, he will remember that when its time to eat.

6 More often than not you will find him staring or gazing at you. This might be when you are not looking, so make yourself more aware when he is about and see if you can catch him doing this without directly looking towards him.

7 If he knows your phone number, he will make an effort to text you, even when there is no real need to.

8 Look closely at him if he comes over to talk to you. His pupils will dilate. This means the black bit in the middle of his eyes will get bigger. However, if he is standing in a bright area or with his face towards the sun, it will be hard to tell because strong light makes the pupil smaller.

9 Smiles. Does he smile across a room or area at you? If he smiles when he sees you and he likes you, he can’t help it. If you smile back and then he smiles, same thing, he is into you.

10 If he seems to make an effort to try to be alone with you. He obviously wants to spend time with you and to feel comfortable and not embarressed by others.

11 Teasing. Does he make an effort to tease you? This is a sure way to know he likes you if he doesn’t do this to all the other girls.

12 His friends are aware of you because of him. In whatever format that takes. His mates know that you exist and your name because of him and you can tell.

13 When he walks into a room full of people does he look round to see who is there? Does he find you and then stop looking around? If so it was you he was looking for and once seen he does not need to continue looking about. If he does this it’s a sure sign he is into you.

14 Does he treat all girls the same as you? Or does he give you a bit more special attention. Watch how he treats other girls and compare with how he treats or socialises with you. It’s a big give away of if he likes you or not.

15 If you are at the point where you chat with him, does he talk about other guys who chat to you? Does he ask any questions like, “ how long have you been friends with xxxx? Does he seem a bit over interested in who you spend time with? Yes, then he likes you.

16 You might note that if you suggest doing something to a group that he says he will come along too. Even if he had another thing to do with his mates. He might go out of his way to do your thing. Yep, he is into you.

So, from all that you should be able to figure it out! Good Luck.

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