9 Must-do’s for your Makeup Routine

10 Vital Must-do’s for your Makeup Routine

Advice for Beginners
I am in my mid 20’s and so have a fare experience although I would not consider myself a professional or expert. Here are a few things that I’ve learned which will help your makeup look really good.

1 Moisturising
One of the most important is to prepare your skin properly before applying anything else. So, always get the best you can afford and apply a good moisturiser before you do anything else.

2 Primer
The makeup you want to apply is not important at this point, what matters now is to get your face as smooth as possible before you apply any other product. A good way to go is to get a silicon primer, these give the best smooth finish.

3 Foundation
Foundation is really for matching your skin tone, not to make it lighter as many people seem to think. So find a foundation that matches your skin tone or as close as possible. A good tip is to buy two, one lighter, one darker, that way you can blend to your skin tone.

4 Concealer
Even with a great foundation there will probably be a need for some concealer, there are always places where the pigment of your skin will differ so it may require color correction as well. I find liquid concealer the best and its bet applied with fingers.

5 Powders
Some people do not like this but I like to especially where my face gets oily, I like to use a reasonable amount and dust off as needed to help with sweat, etc.

6 Setting Spray
This helps to make the makeup last much longer.

7 Eyeshadow
It is best to have a palate so you have choices.

8 Blush
Its a personal choice and may depend on your attire that day but blushes, bronzers and highlighters make a difference, try them out and follow some of my videos for examples, even the one where my husband does my makeup!

9 Lipsticks
Very important in my opinion. So many brands and types. I have several lipstick reviews on my YouTube site whcih will give you somegreat ideas and types of products. This page on my website https://kc-mcdonald.com/product-reviews/ will take you to all the reviews.

Tip, lip balm is important to apply before any lipsticks to keep them from drying out.

Thats the basics for any makeup. Hope it helps and dont forget, practice, get in front of that mirror and try things out. Have fun with it!! Love, love,

YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvhDgCcq-XSjfUdZRGb8UZQ

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