How to Know if a Guy is into You

Firstly, I assume you are unable to ask him if he wants a date? The easiest and most sure way to really know is to simply ask him. It depends on your cultureof course, most people in many cultures and especially if you are young will not do this. But before I go on, think about if you can ask him, Even in a round about way, for example, “hey I know your into (sports, food cinema, or something) I’m going to the xxx on Saturday, want to come along? If he is into you then he will come along and its because he likes you.

So with that out of the way and assuming that method is not for you here are the other main ways to know if he is into you or not.

1 One thing guys do is something similar to women. Its called Preening, tidying himself up, fixing his hair, making sure he is presentable. Does he tend to do this when you are about or walk into the room, it’s a sign he cares how he looks when you are about.

2 Mirroring. This is a natural thing for people to do if they want to be liked by someone they are with. It is also something people do consciously if they know about such things. What does it mean? It is when someone sort-of copies you, your stance, your seating position or even walking. A guy who likes you will match his walking pace to yours, Even match your style of walking, without knowing he is doing it. Watch out for that, it is a sign he likes you. He may also try to “big” himself when you are around. E.G. He may push his chest out, stand a little taller /straighter. If sitting he will sit with legs further apart, just his way of trying to be manly. But something you can look out for.

3 Other body language on show is a head tilt. It has been noted that when a guy is into a girl he will tilt his head to one side, as if to say I am listening carefully to you because you matter to me.

4 He will talk about himself a lot, and again, big himself up. Try to impress you with the things he has done, any achievements, things he likes and is good at, etc.

5 If he really does like you he will take note of things you have said. So for example, if you said you didnt like a partcular food dish, he will remember that when its time to eat.

6 More often than not you will find him staring or gazing at you. This might be when you are not looking, so make yourself more aware when he is about and see if you can catch him doing this without directly looking towards him.

7 If he knows your phone number, he will make an effort to text you, even when there is no real need to.

8 Look closely at him if he comes over to talk to you. His pupils will dilate. This means the black bit in the middle of his eyes will get bigger. However, if he is standing in a bright area or with his face towards the sun, it will be hard to tell because strong light makes the pupil smaller.

9 Smiles. Does he smile across a room or area at you? If he smiles when he sees you and he likes you, he can’t help it. If you smile back and then he smiles, same thing, he is into you.

10 If he seems to make an effort to try to be alone with you. He obviously wants to spend time with you and to feel comfortable and not embarressed by others.

11 Teasing. Does he make an effort to tease you? This is a sure way to know he likes you if he doesn’t do this to all the other girls.

12 His friends are aware of you because of him. In whatever format that takes. His mates know that you exist and your name because of him and you can tell.

13 When he walks into a room full of people does he look round to see who is there? Does he find you and then stop looking around? If so it was you he was looking for and once seen he does not need to continue looking about. If he does this it’s a sure sign he is into you.

14 Does he treat all girls the same as you? Or does he give you a bit more special attention. Watch how he treats other girls and compare with how he treats or socialises with you. It’s a big give away of if he likes you or not.

15 If you are at the point where you chat with him, does he talk about other guys who chat to you? Does he ask any questions like, “ how long have you been friends with xxxx? Does he seem a bit over interested in who you spend time with? Yes, then he likes you.

16 You might note that if you suggest doing something to a group that he says he will come along too. Even if he had another thing to do with his mates. He might go out of his way to do your thing. Yep, he is into you.

So, from all that you should be able to figure it out! Good Luck.


How to Get a date for Valentine’s Day

19 Most Important Points in Getting a Girlfriend

How to start dating the girl of your dreams

1 Stop trying.
Seems a bit counterintuitive I know, But really, trying to find a girlfriend is one of the worst ways to actually get one. It comes across as needy and trying to please. Its a big turn off, Don’t do this. Just be yourself and happy to be doing your own thing, if it is a possible future girlfriend on the scene, then stay cool and go to step two.

2 Not Trying to Impress
Do not go out of your way to please her or impress her or get up all into her space, this is a similar point number one but different. If you are showing off to impress her, she will know, it will not work. If you are trying to get close to her all of a sudden you will appear creepy. Wait for the right opportunity to come along while you are doing your own thing, with your friends, or whatever. Then make sure to do step three.

3 Style and Dress Sense
You must be wearing decent clothes and look well dressed and clean. I cannot understate how important it is to be clean and smell nice. You do not have to have an expensive cologne or body spray but you must not smell of sweat, dirt or anything else unpleasant. That would be a big no no, straight away and she will be gone. This also applies to teeth, breath, shoes, hair and nails. Make sure they are clean, fresh and look nice and cared for.
You may like to have a certain style or dress sense, that’s fine and being different is too, as long as you are comfortable with it. If your not comfortable with your style then it will be obvious and come across. Be yourself, stand out with your personality and confidence and dress accordingly.

4 The Approach
Okay, you’re now thinking of making contact and how you can go about this. Firstly you must not have too many minds. This means, you need to relax, stop thinking any negative thoughts like; will she like me, She is too good for me, I am not handsome enough, or anything else like that, forget that.

You wouldn’t do that if you were going to meet anyone else would you? You would have a goal in mind, be it to play basketball or do some homework (joke) or just go and have a laugh in the Mall. It is the same here, your goal should be to go have a chat, enjoy her company for a little while and see if you like each other beyond that. That is the only thing should be in your mind.

5 Confidence
You need to have the thought in mind, she is just another person, like any other and you just want a chat and a laugh with her. This will allow you to have enough confidence to approach her. You are NOT trying to make her into your girlfriend, remember that at this point.

6 Your Voice
Last thing you want is to be squeaky. That is not a good voice quality. Practice on your own, record your voice if you must, listen and improve the quality. You think Vin Diesel was born with that voice? No, I don’t think so, he developed it until it was just what he wanted. Then practised, now it’s stuck.

7 Language
Make sure it’s not needy or sucking up. Be cool, be yourself and you do not “need” this girl, you are both just having fun here, right? No swearing or being gross.

8 Body language (BL)
Be aware of BL and like the voice thing, practice to improve it if you need to. Check out movie stars, how they walk, talk, hold themselves and their demeanour in general. Donot try to be them, just get ideas for confidence. Smile but in a natural way, not intense or scary. Do not lean-in towards her, stay aware of your BL and facial expressions. You would also be aware of her BL too. Taking note of how she is feeling through her facial expression, gestures, seating / standing position, movements. It will tell you how you are doing and whether to take it further or back off. Stay aware!

10 Talk
If and when appropriate, compliment her on what is true, was it her hair, face, smile, eyes, laugh, be honest what attracted you, be straight about it. Ask her about herself, A nice tease can go along way too, be gentle and not aggressive or insulting. A tease is often a very good flirt, it can show your strength but also your kindness and sense of humour.

11 Listen

Listen to her, really listen to her, imprint the topics she likes in your brain, ask questions about it, be genuinely interested or if not tease her about it, make some light-hearted jokes but be careful not to offend her, that is not going to help. Stay honest, if you disagree with something then say so, but again be gentle, don’t embarrass her or show her up! This can show confidence and also that your not a suck-up and just trying to please, it says you know your own mind and are happy to state your own thoughts about a topic, etc.

12 Fun
Try to keep it light and keep it fun as much as possible. Remember to enjoy yourself, the conversation and her company. It is not just about the end goal of getting a date but of course that is an important goal.

13 Contact
At a natural point in the chat, you can ask for her contact number, don’t be pushy about it, if she wants you to have it she will give it freely.

14 Be cool
Remember all of the above does not have to take place in one go. It depends on the situation of course but if you are in a place where she and you will be again then don’t rush it, you can do a little more the next time.

15 The Date
If the opportunity arises from what she talked about in her conversation, maybe you could hint of doing something around that together. For example, if she likes animals, a zoo is a great place for a first date. Dinner can be a bit much for a first date and a bit pressurised. The cinema is also not so good as it does not give much opportunity to get to know each other. So give it some thought, take your time.

16 Mystery man
Be a little elusive, go back to your friends or whatever you were doing before you met, you’re bust right. This can help create some desire in her. She may make a point of coming back to you next time.

17 Texting
If it moves into texting, be cool. Don’t text your message more than once. Girls can be tricky to read. Sometimes they may read a message and leave it for a while to think about it or to see what you will do /say next. Give her space to respond.

18 Writing texts
Read it BEFORE you hit the send button. How many times have you sent a text to realise it could be taken the wrong way or there is letters or words missing AFTER you have sent it? Read carefully what you have written; think about the message it sends. Is it light, funny and would it make her smile or laugh? If so, OK, send and then forget it until later or you get a response and then take your time as well.

19 Text Buddy
Do not become a text mate if your intention was for a girlfriend. Texting should be brief, light-hearted and with a goal of meeting up. Do not get into long discussions or you / me/ you /me type long conversation. It’s boring.
You do not need to say everything in a text conversation. Once you have a date sorted your done really. If necessary, make a gentle excuse to end the texting, “gotta go now”. Let some mystery hang on it, like there is more but not now, kind of thing.

If you liked this article and are interested, I can move onto dating in my next video. Only if you like, comment and let me know!

Love, love,


Latest Fashion Trends Style and Outfits 2020

How to be Be Uniquely Fashionable

I am Woman

I am strong, I have my own style and I’m smart enough to know what I am not as well. To really know about fashion is to really know yourself. Its important to be authentic, have a strong sense of self-belief, I don’t care about labels or “ what’s trending”, as they say on the popular social media today. What I care about is feeling good inside and being able to express myself as a woman. I make a point to look for that in other women too, it is easy to spot them, they are often in the media, but also those women are all around me too in Manila. There are some women who just seem to know, without copying or going with the latest fashion crazes. Those who are able to put things together and create an outfit and then accessorise it perfectly. There are ways and means to do this.

“Having balls” is another way to express it, women who can look at colours, types of garments, accessories and the right jewellery and bring it all together to create something fantastic and look amazing.


I am not talking about spending lots of money either. I personally often go to the Ukay-Ukay store. Which, for those of you reading in America and Europe is where all your church collections and charity shop clothes, shoes, bags and accessories end up. The Ukay-Ukay is the second-hand clothes stores of much of the world.

To be fashionable and trendy a woman needs to know her own character, personality and style. She should not be afraid to express herself, hold her head high and take delight in who she is and her femininity.

Some of the best dressed stylish women, do not go out and spend huge amounts on labelled clothes from the high street fashion stores. Confident women have a strong sense of self-belief, know themselves and love to be creative, inventive and shop in the Ukay-Ukay store if and when they want to. It’s really not about spending large amounts of money, it’s simply about believing in their own inner person and how they want to express themselves.

The high street fashion shops are trying to sell you self-belief by saying look how expensive this is, you can trust it, it must be good for you. But away from the lights, the music that created atmosphere, its just another pair of jeans or blouse, etc. The way to really look good is to create your look yourself, find what expresses you and your character and wear it with self-belief.

This does not just apply to clothes and accessories, it is art in all its forms, my home for example, I like to transform a room in my house into something that expresses the love and warmth of our family. By being creative with soft furnishings, materials and design. Again, I am not spending a ton of money, I am simply being creative with what i have got. On occasion, I will just see some material in a market stall, it will allow me to think creatively and develop a fresh new look and transform a room in my home.

I know not everyone is amazing at decor and dress, however, everyone can appreciate it when they see it in other people. But you can get ideas and create your own versions, bright up your home, feel good in an outfit you put together that expresses your personality and style.

I know many people here in Manila, who have very little if any spare income. They have no choice but to be creative and reuse, remake things into something else useful. Being forced to be creative and gosh they certainly do it, in a myriad of ways. I have seen some amazing outfits put together. What really comes through is there personality and strength.

So my message to you is be strong, be woman!


Love, love,


Interview with a YouTube Guru

20 ways to hit the rankings in YouTube

I recently had a chat with an Internet Guru and I asked him how I could improve my ratings on YouTube, how to get more likes, subscribers and viewers.

At first he huffed in a laughing way and said he would tell me a few truths but not to say who he was if he did. I agreed to this. Here is what I gained from the discussion.

To be perfectly honest, you can build up more and more, slowly but surely by working hard, but its not easy, its hard work, many hours, and if you counted the hours and worked it out in cash returns, you will be very disappointed.

“Really? For everyone? It’s not what I see from YouTube videos about how people make lots of money”, I said.

Ah, no he said, for some it is different. Example BTS or any movie, music or TV stars. They did not start on YouTube, they became famous for other reasons, and via other channels first. Usually those people start off and continue in their chosen career and focus on that, then become famous on social media sites and develop many fans.

YouTube just becomes another revenue stream for them. Don’t count them, or the odd one that for some unknown reason goes viral. I am talking about the average person who decides to become a Youttuber and makes pranks, “how to – videos”, funny videos, livestream chats, life-style or reviews of products etc. They can have some level of success but its really very hard. For example, you might make from 100,000 views of a video, $5 or $10 dollars. And don’t forget, YouTube will take 55% of anything you make as well. This is not an exact figure, it varies greatly from country to country and from many other factors.

Still want to do it? Ok so how to get to top rankings in YouTube being an average Joe, the blunt and honest truth.

Firstly, its work, you have to do the work. If you can afford to pay a specialist in the field then that will help to get all the tech and social media in line and optimised, that will help. You may not have the resources for that, in which case, do it all yourself is the answer, read, learn experiment, design and impliment.

Here is a list of the best ways to make sure you hit all the right spots for your YouTube algorithms. Some of these you will know of, some you won’t make sure all of them are included in your videos.

Some of these are easy, others you will have to look up and figure out. This is just a quick overview.

I am going to start with the easy ones, so you can tell yourself , “done that, YAY”, hehe.

    You need to get these, encourage your people to comment on your videos.
  2. Get a webpage,
    Go to WordPress and get the best WebPages package you can, maximise links and fill your pages, make blogs and include all your videos.

3 Keywords
These are important on YouTube and Websites, pages, posts. YouTube is different to google keywords
Do your keyword research for YouTube in YouTube. Put a word in the search bar of Youtube and see what comes up underneath it. Most popular will be at the top.

4 How to – Titles.
Think careful about your title to each video. The algorithms pick these up and it can higher your standing in the search algorithms.

5 Tags
Optimise your pages, posts and videos with good relevant tags, around 10 or 15 is optimal. LSI keywords are also very important. Look it up for detail.

5 Thumbnail
Its got to be good, stand out from the crowd, tells people what it’s about but catches the eye straight away.

6 Subscribe
Durrr, It’s obvious, but can not be left out of the list. Focus on this. Everyone else does, (like you didn’t know that.)

7 Video quality
Be the best you can be, don’t skip important details, Get best equipment you can afford, The microphone, camera, backdrops, lights, editing suite.

8 Filenames,
For each recording, Name them all, shove the keyword in it, don’t just let it be $%:”342345876766556876 or unnamed and uncatogorized.

9 CC closed captions
These are noted by search engines and captured, fill them in, they matter to many people.

10 Backlinks
Wherever you can get links to your channel your website, your social media everywhere you possibly can, it is vital.

11 Relevance. Think about where your video is relevant. For Quora if its a how to… To groups if it matters to them. Link it!

12 Social Media
Obvious of course but sharing on social media is one of the most important, Reedit, twitter, FB, instagram, all of them and many others, you should have an account and every video goes on all of them.
Linkin if it’s a business channel / video. Email too – if it’s relevant.

NOTE: you cant just join groups or social media and try and dump your stuff on them. 1 they wont like it, 2 they probably wont let you. You have to be active in the group/ page /channel, etc. More work for you, but hey, you wanted this, right?

13 Video description
Ensure your complete this, the main keywords are included and prioritised. It needs to be accurate, relevant and meaningful

14 Content is king
You know this too, all the promotion, money and people in the world will not make up for good content. It all boils down to this one thing really. If your content is spot on, a lot of the rest will fall in line. Research it, plan it, prepare it and work on it carefully before you present it.

15 Make a good start on your video, show something at the very beginning that will get their interest, or create an aura of drama, interest, etc.

16 Sort out your channel
Playlists, organise them carefully and include keywords in them.

17 Trending!
Work out what is trending and get into it. Doing interviews is a good one, people are watching more of them. Do some. and #hashtag

18 Communicate, get involved with others, build relationships and share, they can host your videos, and you can host theirs. Trust is of importance here. It’s up to you, work it out, but get some online friends and colleagues and get active with them.

19 Video length
It is difficult to say exactly what the perfect length is, it can depend on topic, and an interview can be long if it’s continually interesting. The average is around 4/5 minutes for most videos, might not be right for you, work it out in your head, don’t bore people, they will just skip it. Ask trusted friends to view your video and to be honest with the answers!

20 Good luck!

Omg. As I read through this I realise I am so unfamiliar with much of it. I have so much to do. Even as I put this blog out, I know I am missing half the stuff on the list, haha. I am going to research it and learn to do it better.

Sadly, the last thing to note is all this is just the basics. There is so much more. I think I am going to try and make my content the very best I can and hope that pays off for now. I will learn the rest bit by bit.

Love, love

Weird but brilliant. Blew me away!!!